Do YOU Like Butter????.....

for 10" Ann Estelle, Sophie and Friends!


Playsuit with Wrap Style Over-Skirt
Embroidered Sweater & Hat

This auction features sweet Ann Estelle. . . running in the door after playing outside in the garden.
 Her hand is hidden behind her back, and she is calling "Mom. . . Mommmmm! Put out your chin!!!"
Shaking her head and smiling, Ann's mother replies, "Forever WHY Ann Estelle? What are you up to now????"
"I want to see if you like BUTTER!!!!!" Ann replies as she holds a fistful of dainty buttercups under her Mom's chin!!!
"You DO!!!. . . Now check ME!!!"

For her day of fun in the 'great outdoors' of her backyard....Ann is wearing an adorable combo play outfit. It is comprised of a short, one-piece playsuit, over which she is wearing a removable wrap skirt. A matching short sleeved sweater accompanies the outfit.....and of course a hat!!

Ann's summery romper or playsuit is made of a bias plaid fabric in a soft blend pastels....yellow, sea-green , white and blue. The stap style bodice (fully lined) assures that Ann will be cool as can be on these hot summer days! The top of the bodice is trimmed with a band of the plaid fabric, edged with tiny crochet scallops. The band is embellished with a little embroidered sprig of flowers and finished off with a small white bow. The attached shorts have a turned up cuff...also crochet trimmed, and a small bow decorates the side of each leg. The playsuit has back snap closures.

The matching, fully gathered wrap skirt is open in the front and has a small panel running down each edge. Tiny embroidered bouquets of buttercups and bluebells embellish each panel, and a tiny white ribbon bow accents the bouquets. The snap closure is covered with a pair of tiny yellow buttons. The hem is banded with the plaid fabric, edged again with crochet trim.

Ann's handknit cardigan sweater is made of imported fingering yarn in a pale yellow color. It features a collar and cuffs made of the pastel plaid fabric and edged with the crochet trim. The bodice sports a hand embroidered bouquet of buttercups and bluebells accented with a white bow. The sweater fastens with tiny pale yellow buttons.

Highlighting her mischevious little face, Ann wears a headhugging hat made of the plaid fabric and lined with white. It has an open crown, and the turned up brim is accented with thin white ribbon bands and yellow buttons. A fan shaped bow embroidered with a tiny floral bouquet and accented with a white bow further decorates the hat brim.

As you see, Ann is carrying a tiny bouquet of buttercups......poised, ready to "test" anyone and everyone she sees to determine their butter preferences!!! ....