for 10" Ann Estelle, Sophie and Friends!


Pleated Kilt-Style Skirt
 Appliqued Sweater
Hair band
Sophie's Souvenir Glasses

"BOAT SHOW TODAY!!!" Sophie shouts, as she gets dressed for her Saturday outing with Dad!!
As this is a yearly ritual. . . Sophie has already picked out her outfit for the adventure...
What else but her Sailboat sweater??!!
"Boats on my sweater. . . boats at the show. . . just MAYBE Dad will BUY us one!!!!"

Sophie is wearing a beautiful ocean blue cardigan sweater made of soft Norwegian wool yarn. The sweater has short, raglan sleeves and buttons down the front with small buttons in varied shades of turquoise blue. The front bodice of the sweater is decorated with a hand appliqued sailboat, and the back of the sweater sports an appliqued trio of tiny boats.

Sophie is also wearing a jaunty knife pleated, kilt-style skirt made of plaid seersucker fabric in a rich blend of ocean blue, aqua, and white. The skirt's opening is edged with white piping, and the flap is secured closed with a mini seagull tack style kilt pin.


In her hair, Sophie wears a hair band hair band with a side bow and an elasticized closure. It is made of the plaid seersucker fabric.

Well, as you see . . . . . .Sophie's persuasive powers are not as good as Ann's!

THIS is the sailboat that Dad finally agreed to purchase!!! NOT what she had in mind, but a funny (or is that funky?) souvenir of a great day, nonetheless!!