Sophie is Bound for the BEACH!!!
 for 10" Ann Estelle, Sophie and Friends!

Sailor-Style Eyelet Dress over Play/Bathing Suit
Sailor-style Hat * Shoes * Beach Bag

Wagon filled with Beach "goodies"

This auction features Sophie, making the most of her late summer vacation at the Jersey shore....Long Beach Island, of course! Looking so sweet in a nautical-style cover-up dress that hides her matching bathing suit, "Sailor Sophie" is off to the beach on another adventure! As she pulls her wagon (with difficulty!) across the dunes behind her house, her neighbor Mrs. Bell laughingly yells over to her..."Sophie.. whatever is that you have in your wagon??? It is as large as you are!!"" Sophie giggles at the thought and answers, "This is the wonderful sailboat my Grandpop made for me to take on vacation." ..."And it is only HALF as big as I am Mrs. B! ....But BOY is it heavy to pull! I sure hope it will sail. . . . I'm off to try it now! Do you want to come sailing with me???
For her fun sailing excursion to the beach, Sophie wears an adorable and very feminine sailor-style overdress, made of light blue chambray fabric scattered with white rimmed eyelet. The bodice flares over the shoulders forming short sleeves, and is accented with pink and blue jacquard trim. The bodice features a split lapel that meets at the waist, where it is attached to a full skirt of the same fabric. A pink underskirt lines the skirt. The bodice and skirt are dotted with small hand embroidered "rose" knots at the juncture of each scallop. Each flower shaped pattern in the eyelet is centered with a tiny pink button. The dress has a snap closure in the front waist, and opens to reveal Sophie's coordinating bathing suit.

Sophie's two piece bathing/play suit is made of vintage white pique. The lined top is trimmed to match the overdress, and is further embellished with small buttons and tiny embroidered rose knots. Thin straps meet at the back snap closure. The shorts are fully lined, and close with a snap in the back waistband.

Truly in the 'SAILOR' spirit today, Sophie wears atop her hair, a jaunty white felt sailors cap. It is embellished with a large chambray bow, pink and blue jacquard ribbon, and a large fluted vintage button. She also has with her a matching hair ribbon to wear when she goes in the water....she doesn't want to risk losing her hat to the wind and the sea!

Wow...Mrs. Bell was right! Just look at Sophie's sailboat!! In her sturdy "eyelet lace" trimmed pink wagon, Sophie is toting a LARGE blue sailboat..decorated with pink flowers and of course...her name!! Also tucked in the wagon is a rolled beach towel, and a small beach bag that carries "necessities"...an apple, cookies, and the classic "beach book"!!!