for 10" Ann Estelle, Sophie and Friends!


Full Skirt with Sleeveless Blouse
Embroidered & Appliqued Sweater
Easel & Color Wheel

Ann Estelle happily skips in the front door after her day at school, exclaiming  . . .. "Wait 'til you HEAR, Mom!!!! I was today's lesson in art class!!"  With a puzzled smile, Ann's Mom asks,  . . . . ."Do you mean you had a lesson today in art class??"  Ann Estelle replies, "NOOO. . . . . . . I  WAS the lesson!! Guess what we learned?? We learned about ROY G. BV!!"  "Who in the world is that Ann?" Mom asks.  "Not WHO Mom,   . . . . . ..WHAT!!!    It stands for. . . . . .
RED - .ORANGE. - YELLOW- .GREEN - .BLUE - VIOLET!!!  The colors in the spectrum!!! We learned ALL about color . . . . . .and the color wheel!  And look at my skirt . . . . . .It has ALL of the colors, so Miss Johnson had me stand in front of the class to demonstrate!!  It was SOOOO FUNNNNN!! I think I'LL be an art teacher too when I grow up!!"


For her brief 'career' in education....... Ann Estelle wears a jaunty sweater and skirt set that is ablaze with a spectrum of riotious color.

She wears a short, very full, gathered skirt made of a soft cotton fabric woven in a bright plaid that encompasses all of the colors of the spectrum. The skirt is gathered into a waistband that snaps in the back.

Tucked neatly into the skirt's waistband is a sleeveless blouse (fully lined) in a bright yellow woven cotton fabric. The neck is trimmed with a thin band of bias plaid, and a spray of flowers provides a small accent.

Topping the skirt and blouse, Sophie wears a lovely hand knit, long sleeved sweater made of imported Norweigan wool in a rich dark blue color. The sweater has an attached mandarin style collar made of the brightly colored plaid fabric. Accenting the front of the sweater is an array of wool felt flowers in the various spectral colors. Each flower is centered with a tiny matching button, and embroidered vines wind throughout, accented with felt leaves and dimensional "tendrils". The collar of the sweater has a tie closure. The back of the sweater is accented with a small felt floral accent as well.

Atop her perky blonde braids, Ann Estelle wears an adorable head hugging hat knit of blue wool. It has a turned up brim in the colorful plaid fabric, and is accented with a bow and a small spray of felt flowers and ribbons.

Oh!! Look who thinks they are already a teacher!!! Ann Estelle is all set for the "future" with a color wheel poster displayed on her easel. And look out...there is no stopping her now...she has a POINTER!!! She MUST be a teacher, don't you think?!