Dress*Ups by pj

**the difference is in the details**

A Cape Cod Adventure!
 ~ A day Trip to Martha's Vineyard! ~

A One Of A Kind Ensemble
for Sophie, Ann Estelle & friends
by pj

Another beautiful day on Cape Cod!  . . .

Sophie and her family are staying at the perfect B & B. . . on what is called the quiet side of the cape. . . . along the bay.  Although there is not the hustle and bustle of the more populated beach towns. . .Brewster more than makes up for it with it's charm, peaceful beauty, and fascinating beaches . . . . And of course, it has it's share of adorable shops as well!  And that General Store. . .Wow!!! 

After eating yet another of Mrs. Fyfe's wonderful breakfast's (gluten free of course!) Sophie and her family are off on another fun adventure.! 

Today's activity is a trip to Martha's Vineyard.  A ferry ride. . . a bus tour. . . . . . .exploring . . . and of course, a touch of shopping!
A busy day for sure! 

Maps in hand, a sun hat on her head . . . and of course a picnic lunch in tow . . . .this promises to be yet another fun packed day on the Cape.
. . .What a perfect end to another wonderful summer!


Embroidered Linen Capris
. . . . crisp white linen, featuring a spray of embroidered flowers climbing up each leg.  Pink and white striped piping  and cuffs add just a touch of accent.

 Cropped Top
. . . . a short flared crop top, styled with contrasting fabrics . . .a pink & white stripe cotton and a crisp white linen, on either side of the front bodice.  The top is fully lined with white linen, and is the perfect mate  to Sophie's capris.  Just a touch of embroidery graces the lapels, and a small linen bow accents the snap front closure. A spray of embroidered flowers accents the chevron patterned back..

Open Crowned Sun Hat

Hand Crafted Sandals

A Picnic Lunch
. . . . a loaf of bread, a few pieces of fruit..and some cookie.s  . . . . . packed in a basket with an embroidered linen cloth!  What a nice treat for the day's journey!

All clothing is crafted in a smoke-free environment.