~ Debut DJ ~
(Friend of Riley)

Signed by Helen Kish


This auction is for a debut DJ doll, introduced in 2005 at a doll club luncheon in Washington State. . . . (if my memory is accurate that is!)  

This first DJ was and still is one of the cutest in the line I think!  That impish face with those freckles is just perfect!

He is dressed in his camping outfit. . . .  with his khaki pants and vest over a classic plaid flannel shirt.  He even has one of his fishing flies attached to his jacket like  real pro!  

 This early version of DJ of course has the straight (non-articulated) arms and legs.  His hair is the dark blonde mohair , and is a bit tousled, as is the hair of most little boys I know!    He wears white socks, and of course. . .his hiking boots! 

DJ is in very nice condition... I  used him for modeling duties only on 2 occassions. He will come in his original box with  COA still attached. . . and will be packed in his original shipper. 

I will add a few of his favorite toys as well to make his transition to his new home easier.

The package is shipped via  USPS  Priority mail  at a rate based on your zip code.  Please check the shipping calculator for exact shipping to your locale.

Please feel free to email me with any questions..  Thanks!