One sunny winter’s day, Ann Estelle and her mom went shopping downtown. Ann Estelle said “I’m sure looking forward to spring.” Mom agreed, and said “Well, why don’t we go look at all the pretty spring fabrics in our favorite fabric store?” They went into the cozy shop, which is stuffed to the ceiling with beautiful textiles. Ann Estelle was immediately drawn to a pretty violet print. Mom took the bolt over to the cutting table and said “We will take a yard of this, please.” Ann Estelle said aloud “WOW, a yard must be quite a lot of fabric - I know my yard is pretty big!” Everyone giggled, including Ann Estelle. When they got home, Mom started in on Ann Estelle’s dress, and Ann Estelle busied herself making her own “yard” out of a green bath towel and silk violets.

Ann Estelle’s dress is made of two lovely cotton prints and is reminiscent of a variegated petunia. The bodice is embroidered with silk ribbon violets. It is fully lined, and has organdy and satin ribbon accents at the waist. Her shirt is made of a heavy rib knit in a pretty shade of green. The collar is scalloped at the edges, and is embroidered with violets at the collar points. The hem is edged in purple rick-rack. Matching tights will keep her legs warm. Cute purple felt clogs match the outfit perfectly. Her comfy pants are made of a coordinating homespun and have elastic at the ankles. Her hat has a felt band trimmed in green rick-rack and features a handmade ribbon violet. A homespun bow looks great paired with the dress, which can be worn alone for a summery look. Ann Estelle is already wearing it as a sundress in her “yard.” A basket of violets is also included.