Ann Estelle just wuvs Watson, her wee widdle westie puppy.  He's so cute that she just can't resist speaking baby talk to him.  And he's so tiny, she can take him just about anywhere in her tote bag.  Ann Estelle gets even more attention than usual with Watson in tow, especially when she wears her cute westie outfit.  She's noticed that even adults begin speaking baby talk in response to "Widdle Watson!"

Ann Estelle's jumper is made from Burberry-style plaid suiting.  It is fully lined and embellished with little buttons on the shoulders and in the back.  Watson's portrait is hand appliqued and embroidered.  Her white tights and turtleneck are made from a soft cotton and are embroidered with little puppy pawprints in 1, 2, 4, - 5 places!  Watson doesn't even have that many paws!  Her velvet beret is lined, has a plaid band a lovely ribbon adornment.  Her stylish Burberry-inspired totebag is also lined and has ribbon straps and a velvet base.  Watson is made from white pompoms and is wearing a little felt coat. A little red pompom ball is included to keep Watson amused.