~*Steppin' Into Spring*~

Made for Kish Avery by CarlaC

On this bright but chilly Sunday, Avery and her Grandma have traveled uptown to shop the cute little boutiques and gift shops.  They are especially looking forward to visiting the doll shop :) !  They have a little while to wait before the stores open up, so they have stepped in to Grandma's favorite cafe for "Jazz and Java."  A quartet is playing smooth jazz tunes for the patrons who are relaxing and sipping coffee, chatting, and reading the paper. 

Avery looks perfectly jazzy in her "Steppin' into Spring" ensemble which consists of a velveteen jacket, cloche hat, ruffled dress, anklets, and shoes.

Avery's princess jacket is made from a beautiful light pink cotton velveteen.  It has a fingertip-length hemline and flared sleeves. It is extensively embroidered with dainty bullion and French knot roses of fine silk floss.  

The jacket fastens at the neck with a little pearl toggle closure. 
Looks like Avery's bear friend Rosie is enjoying the music, too. 

Avery's cloche hat has a pieced cap and a slightly flared band.  The side of the hat is adorned with a soft-sculpted pink velveteen rose with wool felt leaves.

  The band picks up the pace a bit and plays a funky number.  The combination of cool jazz and hot cocoa makes Avery want to get up and dance!  She is all set to do the Charleston in her flapper-style dress, which is made from a lovely peachy-pink cotton floral print.  It has a dropped waist with a dark pink waistband and a double ruffled skirt.

The bodice of the dress is lined with a lightweight batiste and has a pleated mock placket with tiny sage green buttons. 

Avery's dancing feet are wearing pink Mary Janes, which have straps embroidered with tiny rosebuds.  
"Cha Cha, Cha Cha!"

"Come on Rosie, Let's boogie!"


Although "Steppin' Into Spring" was made with Avery in mind, it looks adorable on her best friend as well.

Avery is all warmed up and ready to SHOP!