Soup's On!





Ann Estelle thinks that her Grandma makes the best tomato soup in the whole world.  She sautes fresh veggies in butter, adds tomato puree, simmers for an hour, strains, adds cream and then seasons to taste.  A lot of work, but so worth it.  Yum-Yum!  Today, Ann Estelle is in charge of making this special soup with only a bit of help from Grandma.  Luckily, Grandma has an old-fashioned apron that fits Ann Estelle just right.  Good thing it is bright red because cooking with tomatoes can get messy.  As soon as the soup is ready, she'll do just like Grandma and will go outside and holler "Soup's on!"

Ann Estelle's A-line dress is made from a cotton red-print calico and fastens in the back with snaps.  The collar and cuffs are made from vintage linen and are hand-embroidered with zig-zags of bright red thread.  The neck and sleeves are accented with roses.  A red embroidered headband looks perfect with the dress.  It has a snap so that Ann Estelle's bangs don't get messy when she puts it on.  Her very special apron is made from a lovely vintage tea towel (appliqued and embroidered  in 40's or 50's I would guess).  The handwork is so exquisite.  I  finished the edges with seam binding, and the straps criss-cross in the back and are secured with snaps.  Red buttons cover the snaps.  Ann Estelle's chef's toque is also made of vintage linen, and is embroidered to match the rest of the ensemble.  She is wearing red felt clogs with white beaded socks.  Even though clogs are a little hard to keep on, professional chefs wear them to keep from slipping around the kitchen.  Her cookware is also very professional looking.  Her new pewter saucepan is quite heavy and will last for years and years.  That metal handle will likely get very hot, so a little oven mitt (made of the same fabric as the apron) is included.