Ann Estelle always looks forward to Mardi Gras. She just loves the music, food, and of course - the parades. She and her friends know the best spot for catching "throws," and always amass lots of beads, candy, and doubloons. This year is going to be particularly exciting - Ann Estelle has been elected princess to the royal court! She is going to get to wear a beautiful gown ride on a special float. She’s been practicing her princess wave - elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist, wrist. Oh, and she gets to wear an incredible feathered mask. She hopes that her friends will recognize her! She knows exactly where they are going to be standing, and she is going to throw TONS of beads their way!

Ann Estelle’s princess gown is made from a lovely silk dupioni of pink and blue threads interwoven into a shimmery dark lavender. The bodice is stitched into a harlequin pattern, and is accented with tiny pearls. There is a lovely full bow in the back of the dress. The hem of her full skirt is accented with floss and silk ribbon embroidery in true Mardi Gras colors - purple, gold, and green. The theme is also very authentic New Orleans in style - Fleur de Lis! As a proper princess, she wears a lovely tiara with a sparkly rhinestone. A white feather boa is included to keep her warm after the sun sets. For the parade, she has a mask crafted of brightly colored feathers. And of course, she has plenty of genuine Mardi Gras beads to throw to her friends.