Ann Estelle just loves getting Valentine’s cards from all of her friends and family. She’s taken to waiting by the mailbox for the postman to arrive. Her face lights up when he hands her pink, white, and red envelopes. Yesterday, he brought her a package - a gift from Grandma! Sweet Grandma always writes “open me now!” on her packages, because she knows Ann Estelle can’t bear to wait. Ann Estelle, of course, tore right into the package to find the very Kewpie doll that Grandma played with as a little girl. Ann Estelle has admired this doll ever since she can remember. In fact, of all Grandma’s dolls (and she has many, many dolls) this is Ann Estelle’s favorite. And wait... there is a card with the doll - it reads “A sweet cherub for my sweet cherub.”

Ann Estelle looks absolutely cherubic in her pink coatdress and matching hat. The dress is made of a sweet vintage print, and is trimmed in a beautiful bright pink piping and white cotton lace. It has custom covered buttons which are surrounded with white embroidery. Her heart-shaped pockets are also embroidered, and are big enough to hold her dolly. Her dolly is a genuine Kewpie doll with the Rosie O’Neill signature on her back (she was a keychain, but I exchanged the chain for a silk ribbon). Her basque beret has an embroidered band and a covered button that sits at the very top of her head. A simple white hair ribbon also looks dandy with this ensemble. She wears white tights (it is still winter, after all) and black patent Mary Jane shoes.