Grandpa and Ann Estelle have just returned from the farm show, and Ann Estelle is just bursting with excitement. Out of all the kids there, she won the pony naming contest! This year’s pony was a beautiful dapple grey filly. Ann Estelle thought that the pony’s coat looked almost blue under the bright lights of the exposition hall. In fact, she quite resembled the chambray bodice of Ann Estelle’s dress. That gave Ann Estelle the idea for the pony’s name- "Chambray Rose." The judges obviously agreed thought it was the perfect name, and awarded her first prize. So what was the prize, you ask? It was a model grey dapple pony - just like Chambray Rose! Ann Estelle is going to cherish this little pony forever.

Ann Estelle is such a charming country lass in this outfit. Her dress has a chambray bodice with full sleeves and black velveteen bows at the wrists. The mock placket is embroidered with black floss, and the black velveteen collar is embroidered with silk ribbon rosebuds. The straight skirt of the dress is made of velveteen and is adorned with beautiful clusters of white silk ribbon roses. There are buttons in the front, but the dress actually fastens in the back with snaps. Ann Estelle’s custom-made riding boots are fashioned from black felt. Her floppy velveteen hat is fully lined and features silk ribbon roses embellished with little pearls.