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   Hi! My name is Carla Hegeman Crim and I design unique clothing for dolls big and small. My style has been described as "free," "fun," and "funky." I am a self-taught seamstress, and I use traditional sewing and embellishment techniques to create ensembles that are modern with a hint of nostalgia. I strive to invoke a sense of whimsy while maintaining a realistic look with respect to scale and style.   I take great care to insure that the clothing has a great fit and a professional finish.

Growing up, I was quite the tomboy - I loved to dig in the dirt, catch frogs and bugs, and boss around the younger neighborhood kids. As grubby and boisterous as I was, I still loved quiet time in my room with my dollies.  I started making clothes for my dolls as soon as I was old enough to be trusted with a needle. One of the best Christmas presents I ever received was a "Sew Perfect" sewing machine. When I was about nine, I graduated to a Singer sewing machine. I learned to sew by trial and error, and by the time I was in my teens I was designing and making my own clothing.

I majored in Biology at Virginia Commonwealth University. went on to do graduate work at Virginia Tech, and ultimately received a Ph.D. in Plant Physiology. My research advisor and I were awarded a patent for a novel soybean gene. After grad school, I headed north to the Ivy League for a postdoctoral fellowship at Cornell University. Throughout my career as a scientist, I found crafts and sewing to be a wonderful means of relaxation, and embraced my precious "me time" as opportunity to create, think, and expand my artistic abilities.

 I have sewed for a wide range of small folk, including American Girl, vintage baby dolls, teddy bears, and Barbie. It was Ann Estelle, a Robert Tonner doll, who drew me into the world of doll costuming as more than just a hobby.   Little Riley Kish was the next to steal my heart, and was soon joined by her big sister, Bitty Bethany.  Next came my first big, beautiful Himstedt doll, Mari.   After that, tiny Ellery Kish joined the family and I began making elaborate cribs and bedding for her.    Then I discovered the world of eBay Boutique - beautiful, unique handmade clothing for children.  I thought dollies deserved to wear such creative fashions, so I came up with the SewBoutique4Dolly line for play dolls and the little girls who love them.  I've made the patterns for these fun ensembles available in my SewBoutique4Dolly series.   After 2 moves in as many years, I find my attentions shifting yet again.  I'm currently sewing for Ellowyne Wilde - a distracted soul after my own heart .

In addition to sewing for dollies, I spend my days enjoyng my 2.5 year old son, Louie.   

My other interests include gardening, local history, and bargain hunting. I am married to an amazing chef, so of course I enjoy sampling good food. In the summertime, we grow beautiful flowers and yummy veggies in our urban paradise garden.

After a 1 year stint in Cleveland, OH, our family recently relocated to Middletown, CT.  Our "new" house is a beautiful 1901 Folk Victorian.  We feel right at home here, and are looking forward to putting down roots (again).

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